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In the old days, before running water, you wouldn't even think about establishing a home for your family unless you had a sustainable source of clean water. That's what has always been called "living water". If a well was your source of living water, you would call it a "living well".


If you want to live well though, you need to build your life on a firm foundation of truth and wise choices. That's what we are all about in the living well family.


Whether you want wellness, pain relief, or help with a chronic illness,  there's no better place to start working towards well being than right here, right now.


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Let's keep it simple. You can't be healthy if your spine is not healthy. Symptoms will eventually follow, but not necessarily right away. Just like the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is a stroke or heart attack, you can't assume your spine is healthy if it doesn't hurt. Subluxation is the term we use to describe spinal health problems. It is short for Vertebral Subluxation Complex, and it refers to subtle misalignments of spinal joints that irritate nerve tissue. Nerves run your whole body. More accurately, you run your own body by trafficking electromagnetic impulses thought your brain, spinal cord, and nerves They go out to all corners of your body and back millions of times before you can blink an eye. It only takes the weight of a dime to shut one of these nerves off. So there's a delicate balance.


The stress of life, whether it's physical, emotional, or chemical, wears you down, and specifically manifests as subluxation in your spine. Subluxation is the upstream cause for a great majority of the ailments that plague mankind. A body that is coping with subluxation is a lot like a computer that's bogged down with viruses or malware. All the RAM is clogged up with malicious programs and it can't run the essential processes properly. Subluxation in your body takes your nerve system's attention away from keeping you healthy and vibrant, and forces you into survival mode.


Chiropractic is not new. The formal western practice was initiated in 1895 after Dr. DD Palmer of Iowa more or less stumbled on the practice. Dr. Palmer was by no means the first to approach human healthcare this way though. There are clear records of advanced societies throughout antiquity practicing proper spinal care. Just some of the known examples are from ancient Babylon, Greece, Egypt, India, and China. The biggest difference now is our ability to accurately detect and correct subluxation with modern technology.

New Patient Forms

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